LLoyd Electric and Engineering Ltd.
Service Engineer (GET) : Mar-2014 to Oct-2014 (8 months)
Worked as a Electrical service engineer responsible for assisting senior sections engineer and attempting failures and maintenance of RMP unit of AC coaches for Indian Railways.

Digital Harbor Pvt. Ltd.
Data Analyst: Jul-2016 to Jan-2020 (3.7 years)
Working as a Data Analyst and supporting across multi functions areas of the Core product. Involved in all data processing stages from data acquiring, cleansing, modeling, ETL, performing data analysis using Python (Numpy , Pandas and MatplotLib) / SQL Queries and visualizing the data key points using Tableau & Excel and presenting to respective business analyst / PMG to take Actionable steps to improve product capabilities.

As Fraud detection is core objective of the product used machine learning techniques to classify potential fraud providers using classification, regression models. Involved in replacement of our core data source and build new data source from scratch by integrating 15+ new individual data sources which is critical need to all our customers.

Awarded with Star Performer, Spot award and Appreciation Award for my efforts.

Flipkart Private Ltd:
Data Analyst: jan-2020 to till date (Payroll: Manthan Software Services LTD.)

Building the Automation scripts around the existing E-com Sales and Marketing campaign and several Customer key metric Dashboards using the Python and Bigdata(Hive Queries). Curious to explore the E-com Data Challenges…


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