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Loves to learn new Technologies

I love learning new things so, i have done ceritifcation and involves in participating coding challenges. Recent days i got intrest in undersating and building ML models and applying them on real world problems. Recently i have participated in python coding challenges in HackerRank and won the python gold badge. here is my profile Rakesh […]

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Web Design

Post my graduation i learnt some web designing cources using Core Java, HTML / CSS and exposed to content marketing platforms like wordpress, blogger. Self learned Search engine optimiasations, web rankings and finally little knowldge on digital marketing and running ad campains. I have crafted several web properties during those days. but here are my […]

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My Hobbies

Loves Traveling: Mostly i will go for a trip every month. Places Traveled. Mysore Nandihills Brundavan Gardens Lepakshi Mekedattu Hogenakkal Barachukki and Gaganachukki falls SivanaSamudra kotilingeshwara temple Coorg and more….Still counting….. Drawing: biginer level. Games: Cheess and vallyball Most loved: Sleeping , Blogging and Biryani

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